Surefire Way to Get Rid of Your Adversaries

collaborationGO COLLABORATIVE! In the Collaborative Divorce Process, each party is represented by an attorney who has been trained in collaborative law. Through that training, the attorneys learn to expand their focus, to move from achieving a targeted outcome at all costs, to guiding and supporting BOTH parties in the collaborative divorce with the goal of achieving a unique outcome, designed to launch each party into a safe and secure future. Be assured, you will have the benefit of your own counsel advising you and protecting your interests. What you will not have is the fear and dread that usually comes with facing an opposing counsel. In a collaborative divorce, you will have the benefit of:

  • A supportive and safe environment in which to address interests;
  • Neither attorney threatening court action;
  • Open and frank discussion between both parties and both counsel;
  • Both attorneys advising on the law with both parties present;
  • Neither attorney taking advantage of a mistake or misunderstanding of the other party.

Divorce is traumatic. There is a way though, to lessen the fear, anxiety and devastation--Collaborative Divorce.

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