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Effectively Putting the Kids First in a Divorce

In Episode 22 of the Family Matters podcast, Kate Reese said, "Even though I work for the parents, I am always mindful of the children in my case: how old are they, what do they need, how are things going at home for them." Throughout this informative and insightful episode, Kate and her guest, mental health counselor, Phyllis Palombi, shared their professional experience and insights into the parties least likely to be represented in a divorce - the children. And yet, these are the ones most likely to suffer repeated traumas, long-term because of the divorce. Together, Kate and Phyllis offered some important considerations for divorced parents.


Topics: Child Custody, Divorce Law, Parenting

It's Graduation. What Happens to Custody and Support?

High school graduation is a significant rite of passage for young people, but it also signals a transition for parents, especially when they are not together. As the graduate prepares to enter the next phase of their life, parents should be aware of the many ways that adulthood can impact their rights and obligations concerning their children


Topics: Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce Law, Parenting

When and how do I talk to my spouse about the Collaborative Process?

Once the thought of separation and divorce enters your mind, your second thought should be about process. It is never too soon for you and your spouse to seek information about options. When you understand your options, you are in a better position to make informed decisions about how to move forward.


Topics: Choosing a Lawyer, Collaborative Divorce, Divorce Law

How Step Parents Can Obtain Further Parental Rights

Every family is different, and often the parent of a child marries another adult who wants to play a part in the life of the child. Where both biological parents continue to be interested in maintaining their parental rights, there are limits to a step-parent's legal right to assume a parental role for the child. However, in many instances, there are opportunities for an adult to have their relationship with a step-child recognized by the court.


Topics: Child Custody, Divorce Law

A Uniform Collaborative Law Act is in Effect in Virginia

In 2021, the Virginia legislature took a major step in acknowledging and encouraging the Collaborative Law Process in Virginia by passing the Uniform Collaborative Law Act (UCLA). More general than collaborative divorce, this new law is a significant development in alternative dispute resolution of family law matters in Virginia. The new law clarifies certain critical issues, providing guidance to attorneys as well as Virginia judges with respect to Collaborative Law. Contact Reese Law today to speak with a collaborative divorce attorney in Northern VA.


Topics: Choosing a Lawyer, Collaborative Divorce, Divorce Law

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