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When and how do I talk to my spouse about the Collaborative Process?

Once the thought of separation and divorce enters your mind, your second thought should be about process. It is never too soon for you and your spouse to seek information about options. When you understand your options, you are in a better position to make informed decisions about how to move forward.


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A Uniform Collaborative Law Act is in Effect in Virginia

In 2021, the Virginia legislature took a major step in acknowledging and encouraging the Collaborative Law Process in Virginia by passing the Uniform Collaborative Law Act (UCLA). More general than collaborative divorce, this new law is a significant development in alternative dispute resolution of family law matters in Virginia. The new law clarifies certain critical issues, providing guidance to attorneys as well as Virginia judges with respect to Collaborative Law. Contact Reese Law today to speak with a collaborative divorce attorney in Northern VA.


Topics: Choosing a Lawyer, Collaborative Divorce, Divorce Law

8 Steps to Using the Collaborative Process

As an alternative to litigation, the Collaborative Process offers the parties an opportunity to work together to reach an amicable resolution of the family law issue before them, whether it is divorce, a Premarital Agreement, post-divorce issues, or anything between.


Topics: Choosing a Lawyer, Collaborative Divorce, Divorce Law

ADR for Family Matters During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has interrupted life as we know it, and it has impacted how the Virginia courts are operating. While each county has different orders, most "non-essential" matters have been "continued" (i.e. postponed), in some cases until June, and in others, indefinitely. Among the matters impacted by these orders are ordinary family law trials.


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Talking to Your Spouse about the Collaborative Divorce Process

Well, you have taken the first big step toward conflict resolution, you have come to Reese Law for a consultation.  As part of the consultation, we have discussed process-the different ways in which your conflict can be resolved.


Topics: Collaborative Divorce, Divorce Law

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