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Coping With Grief When the Family Composition Changes

As with all things, family life inevitably includes change. Whether it's through separation, custodial changes, divorce, or the loss of a loved one, navigating loss and grief can be a daunting journey.


Topics: Child Custody, Mental Health, Parenting

Co-Parenting a Neurodivergent Child

When parents share legal or physical custody of their child, they must have some measurement of agreement on how to raise the child.


Topics: Child Custody, Parenting

Parenting and Teen Safe Driving

The US Department of Transportation designates October 15-21, 2023, as National Teen Safe Driving Week - an important initiative to raise awareness about teenage drivers' risks and challenges and promote safe driving habits among young drivers.


Topics: Child Custody, Parenting

Effectively Putting the Kids First in a Divorce

In Episode 22 of the Family Matters podcast, Kate Reese said, "Even though I work for the parents, I am always mindful of the children in my case: how old are they, what do they need, how are things going at home for them." Throughout this informative and insightful episode, Kate and her guest, mental health counselor, Phyllis Palombi, shared their professional experience and insights into the parties least likely to be represented in a divorce - the children. And yet, these are the ones most likely to suffer repeated traumas, long-term because of the divorce. Together, Kate and Phyllis offered some important considerations for divorced parents.


Topics: Child Custody, Divorce Law, Parenting

Managing the Custody and Support During Summer Break

When school lets out, the regular schedule for the kids goes out the window, and managing their summer schedule presents a co-parenting challenge. Camps, playdates, vacations, and even day-to-day childcare all require planning and often have an associated expense. While some custodial arrangements will go into detail about how to handle the basics of summer break, it is unlikely that every eventuality will be covered. Here are some tips for avoiding conflict in the dog days of summer.


Topics: Child Custody, Child Support, Mental Health, Parenting

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