Protecting Families and Providing Value

ReeseLaw is dedicated to assisting people during their journey as they figure out what is best for their family. As experienced family law professionals, we seek to understand each family and what matters.  Marriage, building a family, and parenthood are important decisions. Preparing for them or surviving them impacts everyone from a physical, emotional, intellectual and financial standpoint.  We care for our clients and take them under our wing while providing our expertise.

Everyone’s journey and choices are different.

Life happens. Through education, empathy, and a strong partnership - we help families make informed decisions on what changes could, should, and need to happen. Law is complex and our job is to be transparent and keep clients in the loop as far as their options for getting through this difficult time. Through collaborative law, mediation, advocacy, or litigation - our goal is to get families through this time confidently and thoughtfully.  We strive to partner with our clients to form the best strategy being mindful of their time, finances, and most importantly, well-being. 

Experience and expertise matter.

Our firm has a progressive, flexible team, which is important for clients because it means we leverage our knowledge and skills to give them flexibility around what options are in front of them. For some clients, litigation may be the only option. However, we find that with forward-thinking choices like collaborative law, mediation, and advocacy - we can protect families and their resources in a more respectful and civil way.

Litigation is not a one size fits all. Families need choices.

There are several paths a family may choose to take based on their situation.  We partner with families to understand each option, the pros and cons, the risks and the benefits, before moving forward.

  • Negotiated Agreement – The two sides are able to come to an agreement through the negotiation of all issues. This approach can reduce the financial impact and in many cases be less stressful than litigation.
  • Collaborative Law – The parties are able to come to an agreement through the collaborative process. This is typically the least expensive and is often described as the kinder gentler divorce.
  • Mediation – The parties are able to come to an agreement through negotiations with a neutral, third party. This approach can also be on the inexpensive side - financially - and with a lower toll emotionally.
  • Litigation – The parties are unable to come to an agreement and have to go to court to determine the outcome at trial. Although the most well-known to people, this is usually the most expensive - financially and emotionally.

We help navigate this in a timely manner

We do our best to move families through this process in a timely fashion.  We are here to help guide you so that you can make the best decision for your unique situation.   ReeseLaw has experience working with clients on each path, whether it be negotiating agreements, the collaborative process, mediation or litigation. 

We focus on our client’s well-being, including finances.

We are uniquely equipped to work with people to develop the best strategy for your situation and are mindful that families are going through a difficult time.  With our diverse team, we can provide the support and expertise you need in any situation.  From counseling to knowledge about the law - we help parents see their kids more and get families to a better space as soon as we can.

We believe that families matter and when we build mutual trust and work together - we can help you make forward progress in an informed and respectful way.

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