Breaking Up is Hard to Do. Don't Do It Alone.

It’s safe to assume we’ve all had our fair share of heartbreak. That moment when the two of you knew the relationship was over. You most likely disagree…or…strongly disagree as to whose fault it is, and that anger is now coupled with the sadness of losing your companion, that person who at one point in time you felt “gets me”.

And that was just high school!

Life changes are complicated.

We understand that when a family breaks it’s not a two-dimensional, flat situation, it’s multi-dimensional, it’s complicated. Your kids, your extended family, your collective friends, your work environment, and your finances are just some of the facets of the life you built that will feel the effects of the split.

We are your partner, your guide.

Being able to empathize with a client’s emotional needs and help them deal with the potential pressures is our focus.  All the while being mindful of the realities of the case, potentially being the buffer between the two parties, empathy is key to getting a client through the situation intact, mentally and financially. We help to find reason and rationality among an emotionally driven life event.

We are here for you.

Neil Sedaka couldn’t have been more accurate when he sang “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do”. It is hard, and there’s no other way around that. It does, however, make it easier when you’re going through it with people who understand. That is why I feel good about working at ReeseLaw. Everyone here supports our clients, we all provided shoulders to cry on, and ears that listen. Our clients become a part of the fabric of our firm family.

Call us and see how we can help you.

If you’re someone who’s contemplating this kind of change and need an attorney who doesn’t just give you facts but provides emotional support as well, please give us a call to schedule a consultation. I believe in ReeseLaw and our team. Life can be hard and I value working at a firm that is mindful and present with their clients.

We care about our clients and we want the best for them. Being able to provide choices and educate our clients on their options is so important. Empathy is underrated, but not at ReeseLaw. Empathy is a core value and we live it every day.

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