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Episode 22: Effectively Putting the Kids First

Episode 22: Effectively Putting the Kids First

In Episode 22 of the Family Matters podcast, Kate Reese said, "Even though I work for the parents, I am always mindful of the children in my case: how old are they, what do they need, how are things going at home for them." Throughout this informative and insightful episode, Kate and her guest, mental health counselor Phyllis Palombi, shared their professional experience and insights into the parties least likely to be represented when the family goes through a change - the children. And yet, these are the ones most likely to suffer repeated traumas long-term as a result. Together, Kate and Phyllis offered some important considerations for parents.

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   Kate moved the a complete settlement quickly   

The other side of the divorce case wanted Kate to be the mediator. We accepted, and Kate moved the case from a complete impasse to a complete settlement quickly. The last part took the involvement of counsel as well, but that part was done quickly and efficiently, with a definitive result. I'd do it again.

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