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Prenuptial Agreements are wise for anyone entering into a marriage in Dumfries with wealth they would like to protect. The reasons individuals may want to protect themselves varies. They may have already gone through a divorce, they may have worked hard to earn their assets, either party owns a business, they may want to protect funds for the benefit of existing children or they may just want to have questions answered in the event of a divorce or death.

Our Dumfries attorneys are familiar with the laws governing prenuptial agreements, and can assist by drafting a Prenuptial Agreement or Marital (postnuptial) Agreement for you, or we can review a proposed agreement to ascertain if it is a document that will bring about a fair result in the event of death or divorce, prior to you signing it. More often than not, there is a negotiation that goes on before any agreement is signed. Basically, each party should have their own attorney; the negotiation or signing of the contract should not take place under duress; and there should be a full disclosure of each party's property, assets and debts, or a waiver of the right to such a disclosure.


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