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Catherine M. ReeseMediation is a wonderful tool that is often used before litigation begins as well as at various stages of the litigation process. If the parties in the case have any desire to work out their differences, a knowledgeable third party can be very valuable.

A mediator can be engaged to address specific issues, or they can be engaged to address the entire case. A good mediator will help educate and direct the parties, however, they are not acting as an advocate for either party.

If working with Ms. Reese or another as a mediator in McNair or Northern VA, you should also retain your own counsel to look out for your interests and review and/or draft any agreement that may be reached. Some mediators will draft formal agreements, others will create a Memorandum of Understanding (bullet points) which must be fleshed out. Your mediation attorney will evaluate the agreement reached in light of your interests and the facts and law pertaining to your case, identify provisions not included that should be included, and will suggest changes, if necessary, to protect your interests or improve the terms.

Our Family Law and Divorce Mediation Attorneys serve Centreville, Fairfax, and cities across Northern VA. Experienced in specific requirements for each court house for the various cities, we know what to look for when drafting documents and agreements that will be recognized by the county or state. 

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