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Divorce mediation attorney consulting clientsThe objective of Divorce mediation is to arrive at a mutually agreed settlement outside of the courts. This approach is widely used in most countries and has been shown to be a fast, flexible and cost effective way of resolving a divorce dispute using a Divorce Mediator or Divorce Arbitrator.

A divorce mediator is there for one purpose only - that's to help you settle your differences amicably on an uncontested basis.

Divulsion mediation attorneys are not Judges or jury members, they do not assume any party's guilt or innocence (in fact they will often try and keep the matter as non-judgemental as possible). Their sole task is to explore all options with both parties see if they can reach an agreement.

What To Expect

The divorce mediation procedure is quick, and all divorce mediators are taught to keep the process as brief as possible. Both parties will be provided with thorough documentation of any agreements reached or suggested at the conclusion of each divorce mediation session. This means there is no need for further discussion before court hearings (or any other divorce procedures). Divorce arbitrators, like divorce Attorneys, focus more on arbitration than mediation. 

Divorce attorneys in Dumfries VA often interview the spouses together if this is deemed necessary, divorce lawyers always try and keep any meeting as informal as possible. Divulsion attorneys will also usually charge for their services on an hourly basis with a set fee to be paid in advance, plus additional fees incurred where one of the parties lives outside of normal business hours (i.e. at weekends).

Divulsion attorneys may also charge extra if they are required to meet with your spouse's divorce attorney who represents your spouse during the divorce proceedings. divorces can be settled by agreement at any stage before you go into court, indeed most divorces are now settled that way.

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