Child Support Modification Lawyer in Merrifield VA

Child Support Modification Lawyer in Merrifield VA

Child support agreement document

A divorce judgment will include a final order detailing child support, spousal support, child custody and visitation after the case is completed. This decision will remain in place until one of the parties requests an alteration to the order, at which time a new order is created.

People's requirements and financial situations change over time - If a parent can demonstrate that circumstances have changed materially since the original order was issued, the court may modify it.

A material change in circumstances typically occurs when there is a significant change in the payor's or recipient's income, the number of children for whom support is being paid, the cost of child care or health insurance, or the custody arrangement. Child support may also be modified to reflect changes in state law. If you are considering petitioning the court to modify a child support order, it is important to speak with an experienced child support modification lawyer like ReeseLaw to get the best possible outcome.

The lawyers at ReeseLaw have years of experience helping clients petition the court for child support modifications. We understand what evidence is necessary to prove a material change in circumstances and can help you build a strong case. We offer consultations so that you can discuss your needs and the options that you have for modifying child support. Call (703) 279-5140 to schedule an appointment. 

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