Adoptions Prince William County

Adoptions in Prince William County

Remarrying and merging families can be tricky, but for most people, over time, they enjoy having the support of additional parents. It is common for some step-parents to take on the role of "mother" or "father" when a biological parent may be absent from the child's life or in some cases the step-parent is better able to serve the child's needs. In cases like this, some families may consider a step-parent adoption in Prince William County and Northern VA. 

Virginia Code § 63.2-1241 states that in cases in which the spouse of a birth parent or parent by adoption who is not the birth parent of a child wishes to adopt the child, the birth parent and his spouse may file a petition for adoption in the circuit court of the county or city where the birth parent and his spouse reside or the county or city where the child resides. The best interests of the child is the Court's paramount consideration.If you reside in Prince William County, we work with the appropriate courthouse that serves your jurisdiction.  

ReeseLaw has lawyers experienced in the Prince William County area to assist you in your step-parent adoption so that you can create the family ties you wish for your child.

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