Separation & Divorce Reston

Separation and Divorce: Reston VA

Are you or your spouse considering a separation or divorce in Reston?

If so, there is a lot to consider before you make any decisions or take any action. Regardless of who makes the decision, both spouses will be affected, as well as your family members. It is advisable that you seek the advice of an attorney serving Reston as soon as possible.

You may have to make short-term decisions pertaining to:

Equally stressful is the division of assets and liabilities so that neither party's credit is harmed and there are assets left to be divided if a divorce is, in fact, imminent.

Ultimately, permanent decisions will be made by you, with or without the help of a neutral mediator or by the Court for Reston residents about custodial arrangements, child support, spousal support, the division of assets and division of liabilities.

Things you should change after a separation and/or divorce in Reston: 

(Changes should be made pursuant to a written agreement or Court Order)



Find an experienced Divorce Lawyer serving Reston, VA and all of Northern VA. 


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