Property Division Attorney in Merrifield VA

Property Division Attorney in Merrifield VA

Property division

Any of the assets acquired by money made during the duration of the marriage is required to be distributed in a fair manner when it comes to a divorce. Making sure that you are getting your even share of the assets during the property division process is crucial to providing you with peace of mind and closure in the long run. 

Oftentimes, the divisoin of property can be outlined in what's called a marital settlement agreement. However, in some cases, when both parties aren't able to come to a mutual agreement of who gets what, the court will have to get involved. In this case, you'll want an experienced property division attorney that can represent you and your best interests and get what you deserve. 

What are considered assets in a divorce?

This is a question that we receive very frequently from clients, and that is what is considered an "asset" in a divorce situation? Some common assets during a marriage can include:

Assets can be categorized into two categories - separate and marital. Simply put, marital assets are assets acquired by either or both spouses during the marriage and marital assets are any properties acquired separately before the marriage.

The property division attorneys at ReeseLaw can help you distinguish between separate and marital assets and ensure that both parties are getting the desired result. Although not a pleasant discovery, many times we've helped clients discover concealed assets that the spouse was trying to keep to themselves and granted our clients with right to claim the assets. Contact our property division attorneys today.

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